Sunday, June 24, 2018

[LYNDA] Advanced EDM Mixing

While genre does not affect many mixing techniques, EDM (electronic dance music) has unique challenges. Artists want their songs to sound loud, wide, and heavy, without suppressing their unique texture or competing with the underlying rhythm. In this course, Colin Fisher teaches advanced mixing techniques specifically suited to the EDM environment. He'll touch on loudness and dynamics, headroom and gain, and processing with compression, limiting, and clipping, as well as show how to manipulate stereo and frequency placement like the pros do. The end result is a fat, wide, and full sound that will help your tracks break through.
Topics include:
  • Using dynamics to create power
  • Balancing a mix
  • Avoiding ear fatigue
  • Improving consistency with gain
  • Working with compression, limiting, and clipping
  • Using subgroups
  • Understanding stereo and frequency placement
  • Tricks for achieving stereo width